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The mission of CD Labs starts from our own story. As we were advancing on our projects individually, we found out a community of creators would be the right ecosystem to support nascent ideas, bridging diverse skillsets to grow together the right way, making the ideas heard and challenged.

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- About You -

You are a creative mind and can't stop innovating even when walking.

You have a concept that you developed over years of research or in a blink of an eye.

Today you are ready to take a step further to deploy your idea to the public and transform your dream into an achievable project.

- About Your Project -

Before sharing your idea with others, especially if you think your creation deserves protection, there are numerous ways to act upon it. At CD Labs, we create partnerships with visionaries that create tools for the benefit of creative minds like you. Here, we are proud to offer the services of ( Partner Badge ) in order to help you protect your idea, concept or the whole project.

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An amazing tool for creators. PiuPiu protects your creative ideas and gives you timestamped proofs to support you in legal litigations. 


Harpok is an ecosystem that works as a framework of security to ensure digital assets can steer clear from the loss of access keys.

Zeusys logo.jpg

Provides distributed smart storage devices aimed to create a network of additional suppliers enabling distributors to efficiently manage instant energy needs by charging, pausing and discharging storage devices using real-time data.


Transforms donations into a fun everyday purposeful act in the benefit of Global Sustainability Purposes.


Securely manage your Bitcoin and Ether transactions at our Crypto Center. Helping you avoid online hazards and loss of funds.

About Us

When you join CD Labs, you automatically become a lifetime member of a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. With our first mover track record and deep understanding of the technology ecosystem, we identify promising founders around the world to empower them to grow.


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